Concert Musical Supply is Murfreesboro’s musical instrument repair headquarters. Our team of experts will keep your musical gear running at peak performance. Periodically servicing your musical instrument will keep it playing in tune, help it play more easily and provide optimum sound performance. Concert Musical Supply’s team of experts repair fretted and non-fretted instruments, band and orchestral instruments, keyboard and electronic musical gear.

Common guitar and fretted instrument repairs include:
Instrument restring, instrument set-up, electronic pick-up installation and repair, installing nuts, saddles, tuners and strap buttons, dressing and repairing frets and restoration work.

Common brass and woodwind repairs include:
Removing stuck mouthpieces, replacing pads, corks and screws, brass dent work, deep chemical cleansing, alignments and adjustments, freeing stuck slides and restringing rotors. Call for more information.

Common orchestral repairs include:
Resetting sound posts, installing new bridges and adjusting existing bridges,  repairing cracks and installing fine tuners.