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Guitar Lessons


Jacob is a Mississippi native who began playing guitar at 13 after years of piano lessons. He fell in love with the classical guitar and fingerstyle playing and put in many years of study to obtain a Masters degree from MTSU. He has performed solo on many stages in Mississippi and Tennessee, played in two rock/pop bands, and enjoys singing and playing music with his wife. Jacob brings his passion to the studio and classroom and connects with his students in an important way. When teaching, he strives to guide the student in discovering their inner musician and to build the musical foundation critical to their success. Jacob also teaches Bass Guitar in addition to Guitar.

Adam has been giving Guitar Lessons for 3 years, and is working toward a BA in Music Industry at Middle Tennessee State University. He also teaches Bass, Mandolin, and Trumpet. He has studied with Dr. Bill Yelverton and Dr. Carlos Castillos. Adam is currently playing in a local rock band called Terra Meets Gaia.
Kyle has been teaching, performing and recording in middle Tennessee for seven years. He graduated MTSU with honors in 2012. Kyle specializes in rock, blues and jazz with emphasis on progressive lead. Currently, he is band leader of the jazz group, Roosevelt's Rough Riders and plays lead guitar in a local R&B group.
Evan is a senior music student at MTSU studying music education. During his time at MTSU, he has performed with almost every iteration of musical ensemble from the classical idiom to the world of jazz. As a bassist with 12 years of experience, he is comfortable playing and teaching a wide variety of styles and works freelance with many different musicians in the Middle Tennessee area. As a teacher, he has over 5 years experience with private students on many instruments, including piano, guitar, and ukulele along with the standup and electric bass.
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